R A J I ' S
In the beginning the Continental Drifters decided to concentrate on building its sound by playing a residency at a club in Hollywood California called Raji's (known for booking anything new, mostly Punk Rock). The Continental Drifters played Raji's every tuesday in 1992. To make the night more interesting, the band would invite down thier musician friends and either back them or have them sit in. Those performances are the corner stone to the Continental Drifters family style commitment and musical direction.

During that year the band exprienced a flux in membership, starting out as a 5 piece band (Ray Ganucheau, Carlo Nuccio, Gary Eaton, Mark Walton and keyboardist Danny McGough) they evolved and ended up as a 7 piece band, replacing Danny with Peter Holsapple and by 1993 adding Psycho Sisters Vicki Peterson and Susan Cowsill to the line up.

Below you'll find a list of all the people who helped form
what we all know as the Continental Drifters.


Psycho Sisters - 7 Deadly 5 - Holly Vincent - Steve Wynn - Victoria Williams - Viva Saturn - John Jorgenson - Bob Forrest - Hoof - Chris Cacavas & Junkyard Love - Syd Straw - Eddie Baytos - Giant Sand - Devil Squares - Mike Martt - Red River - Four Piece - John Wesley Harding - Barry Cowsill - Fishermen - Mystery Band - Permanent Green Light - Freedy Johnston - Martin Phillips - Dream Army - Gutterball - The Darlin’s - The Dream Syndicate Reunion - Moon - Groovey Rednecks - Dan Janisch - The Cowsills - Peter Holsapple - Wonderboy - Bob Rickets - Billy Cowsill - Dashboard Saviors - Wink - Jerry Shelfer - Andrew - Nightcrawlers - Randell Kirsch - Double Date - Annette Zilinskas - Whitney Quinn - The Benders - Top Jimmy - Red Hots - DOS - Ancient Chinese Penis - Rosie Flores - Hitchermen

Auxiliary Drifters:

Peter Holsapple
Vicki Peterson
Susan Cowsill
Dave Catchings
Robert Maché
Robert Lloyd
Kevin Jarvis
John Convertino
Michael Steele
Lynn Birtles
Martha Gehman
Rob Stennet
Fred Drake
Billy Bizou
Adnan, Joe, Paula, Khan, Casy